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Domain Name Services

Domain Name Registration Rates:
    .com, .net, .org

1 year Domain registration (new domain name): $75.00. Includes one (1) year of registration and setup of nameserver pointers to your website and domain email.

1 year Domain Transfer (from another registrar): $99.00. Includes one (1) year of registration, initiation of transfer process and interaction to ensure successful completion. You must have access to your current registrar's control panel and be able to respond to email sent to your existing registrant contact.

1 year Domain Renewal: $50.00. Includes additional year of registration. You must provide valid and up to date contact information and respond with payment in a timely manner.

Domain Redemption: $50.00. Includes retrieval of domain name from redemption service for an expired domain outside of it's one year timeframe.

All invoicing for above rates is done electronically through pdf attachment in email. Paper invoice (U.S. Mail) generation charge of $50.00 applies. Yearly invoicing can be set for whatever timeframe works for you. We only do one year domain registrations. (no more multi-year registrations)

Minimum registration term is 1 year.

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